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Basketball club “VEDMEDI” named after famous Ukrainian basketball player Stanislav Medvedenko (Slava). Stanislav is twice NBA champion with Los Angeles Lakers and champion of Ukraine with BC Kyiv.

In a basketball as in the other kinds of sports sportsmen nicknamed. So, since he was a kid to Stanislav stuck nickname similar to his family name - “MEDVED” that means “BEAR”. When we were deciding how to name new basketball club – there were just one variant “MEDVEDI KIEV” (RUS) or “VEDMEDI KYIV” (UKR) that means “BEARS FROM KIEV”.

The idea to create basketball school soared in a mind of Stanislav and his first trainer Kovalenko Alexander Dmitrievich since summer 2001. That times Slava came back to Ukraine after his first champions season in NBA with a huge desire to create his basketball academy.  Realization of this idea has begun in 2002. First step was to set up groups of young players had been born in 1993-1995 years. Training process has begun.

When this hobby began to outgrow in the real basketball school with a considerable quantity of involved people – there was a necessity legally issue this structure.

Then in 2004 in the course of fruitful cooperation of adherents: the President of Foundation - Stanislav Medvedenko, his first trainer, the fan of his business and one of the best children's trainers on the post-Soviet territory – Alexander Kovalenko and the present Director of BC Vedmedi Kyiv  – Osypenko Denis has been created charity organization - «Stanislav Medvedenko Foundation» which became a sponsor of basketball school and basketball club Vedmedi Kyiv.

The celebration arranged on January, 18th, 2005 in a school № 148 that is native for Stanislav became the first appearance of public activity “Stanislav Medvedenko Foundation”. Now we have more then 10 years history, almost 40 graduated students, school developed coaches and new classes. 


Now, we have 3 teams with players of:

- 1993-1994 years of birht

- 1995-1996 years of birth

- 1999-2000 years of birth

Students are provided with all nesessary eqiupmants and uniform. Our gym is warm and comfortable. 
Please, well come to BC Vedmedi family!



Now, we have 5 teams with players of:

- 1993-1994 years of birht (graduated)

- 1995-1996 years of birth

- 1999-2000 years of birth

 - 2002-2003 years of birth

- 2004-2005 year of birth

Our students are provided with all nesessary eqiupment and uniform. Our gym is warm and comfortable. We have the best stuff, professional and well educated coaches.

Please, well come to "BC Vedmedi" family!:)


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